| Michael J. Mutz
| European IT and Telecom Services
  | Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, BeNeLux, UK, Czechia, Egypt, India, China,
| Philippines
French fluent written and spoken
English business fluent
Spanish beginner
German mother tongue
Web, MVC Architecture
J2EE: Java SE Dev Kit 8, j2sdk, Eclipse SDK, IBM-jdk, jdk, jre,
           Eclipse sdk, jRockit;
AOP Aspect-Oriented Programming
MDA Model Driven Architecture
Distributed Systems: RMI, EJB
Portlet: JSR 168
Object-oriented Software Engineering
Business Processes, UML, Pattern Design
Process Management: ITIL
System Development Prozess: HERMES
Software Development Prozess SCRUM, Waterfall,
Process Model of SW Development:
       Agile Software Development, RUP, Waterfal;
IT Service Management: Global Delivery Model: CMMI
Standards: JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
Banking Standards: HBCI, SWIFT, SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area),
       DTA / DTAUS (Datenträgeraustauschverfahren), PAIN (Payment
       Initiation): pain.001, pain.008;
Modeling, MDSD, MDA/ Methodology
OOADP, UML, MagicDraw, Sparx Enterprise Architect 7.5, MDG for Visual Studio, Rational Rose Developer for Java, Innovator 2000, Together, Abaxx WorkflowModeler, Abaxx Frontend-Engine (I-lets);
SAP Enterprise Product
SAP Modules
SAP Data Warehouse: SAP BW 3.x [SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP BI); formerly: Business Information Warehouse (BW)], SAP Logon, SAP ERP Enterprise Resource Planning, SAP SEM Strategic Enterprise Management
SAP BO: SAP BW, SAP Business Objects BI Platform, SAP BO SDK (Standard Development Kit), Apache Tomcat, Java SDK
SAP Netweaver XI: SAP Standard TBIT40 XI Fundamentals
SAP Technologies
SAP GUI 7.10 PL 12, 720 Final Release
SAP Java Connector Jco 3 using apjco3.jar and the sapjco3.dll
SAP Remote Function Calls RFC
Orchestration and Choreography, executable and abstract processes, Partner Links, Variables, activities (receive, reply, invoke, switch, if, flow, while, forEach, wait, repeatUntil, scope, exit, validate, assign, pick), Fault Handling (Default Fault Handler, Default Termination Handler), XPath, Compensation, Saga, Handler (Event Handler, Compensation Handler, Default Compensation Handler), compensateScope, MessageProperties, Property Alias, Correlation Set, Synchroneous call, Asynchronous Process, Callback, BPELJ, JSR-207, BAM, Process Persistance, XPath, Xlink;
Web Services
SOA, SOAP, JWSDP, WSDL, UDDI, Apache Axis, CXF-WebService Framework, JBPM JBoss Business Process Management, JPDL Java Process Definition Language, JAXWS; JWSDP, JAXB, JAXM, SAX, DOM,HTTP Protocol, SMTP Protocol, JAXM, JAXR, WebServices security, WS Stack, WS-BPEL conzepts, BPEL extentions for WSDL.
Architecture for Cloud Computing
Pattern: Axway API Gateway: Security and Authentication, Cloud connectivity, Monitoring and Reporting
Microservice Architecture
Spring Boot; Spring-Boot-Admin
IAAS (Infrastructure-As-A-Service)
OTC (Open Telekom Cloud - VM Manager; public cloud)
J2ME, J2SE, MIDlet, CLDC, MIDP, WTK, Eclipse, Antenna, Apache Ant, VCML, PML;
SAP Netweaver XI
SAP Standard TBIT40 XI Fundamentals
Design Pattern
Microservices Architecture, Singleton, Fassade, Factory, IoC / Dependency Injection, Proxy
Apache Wicket, Apache Spring, Apache Struts; SSO Single Sign On, Terrific, modernizer, h5bp
Programming Languages
Java, Java-Script, HTML, Shell Scripting, bash Shell-Programming, VCML, PML, XHTML, HTML, Stylesheets, PHP3, Perl, Shell, WinXP Batch Programming, Borland C, PASCAL, Assembler;
Visual Studio Code; IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) for WebSphere Software, Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers, MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench, MyEclipse, Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, RAD IBM Rational Application Developer, Teamprise Plugin, IntelliJ IDEA, JBuilder, VisualAge, Kawa, NetBeans IDE, Plugin jadclipse (Decompiler), UltraEdit;
DTD, XSD, XSLT; XML-mapping;
FOAF friends of a friend, Schema, anyType, Complexe Types, choice groups, all groups, Enumeration, Local Overwriting of Qualifiying, Qualified Locals, Unqualified Locals, Qualifiying of Attributes, Inheritance of Types via Extention, Abstract Elements and Types, Subsitution Groups, Include, any Element;
Processor, Mapping, Roule based Convertion, Convertion via XML.
Pull Parser, Streaming API for XML StAX JSR-173, StAX versus DOM, StAX versus SAX, Cursor API, StAX event classes, setup of XML documents with Cursor API, Parsing with StAX Event API, Event Iterator API, setup of XML documents with Event API;
Frontend Design
Web: JavaBeans, Servlets, JSP, JSPX, JSF, RichFaces; I18N TagLibs, Tiles, Apache Wicket, Ajax, Java Applet, AWT, JavaScript, CSS, Grid System 960.gs, Firebird (Firefox Plugin), InkScape;
WAP: Catlets, rewrite rules;
Middle Tier Technologies
Servlets, Beans, inbit (Framework für webbasierte Erfassungssysteme), Interceptors, OData (Open Data Protocol);
Operating Systems
Windows: Win 7 Enterprise/Win 7 Professional/Vista/XP/2000/95/98, DOS.
Unix: Ubuntu; Mac OS X, Unix, Linux, Linux Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, SunOS, SOLARIS, Sun Java Desktop System, AIX..
JBoss: JBoss
BEA: Bea Weblogic
IBM: WAS Websphere Application Server, IIS IBM Information Server, IBM Websphere Portal Server, IBM WebSphere AppServer, IBM Pxxxx;
Microsoft: MS Windows Server 2012 R2; MS Server 2008, 2003,2000, MS IIS
Microsoft Sharepoint: SharePoint Server 2010.
Microsoft SQL Server: SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, SQL Server 2003, SQL Server 2000.
Linux: SLES Suse Linux Enterprise Server
Apache: Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat;
Oracle/SUN: Orcale Weblogic, GlassFish, iPlanet, Sun Java System Application Server, SUN; SUN FIRE
HP: HP Proliant
Portlets: Jetspeed Portlet Server
Citrix: Citrix XenApp MetaFrame Presentation Server; Citrix Server;
XAMPP: XAMPP Control Panel;
HTTP Debugging Proxy-Server
Progress Telerik, Fiddler Web Debugger;
Databases /
DB modeling: Sybase PowerDesigner;
DB languages: SQL, PL/SQL, HQL, CGI;
DB: PostgresSQL; Oracle XE, Oracle NoSQL, Oracle RDBMS, Oracle Enterprise Edition RAC Option, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MySQL Control Center, H2, MariaDB, Apache Derby, Sybase, Pointbase, Cloudscape (Informix), ADABAS;
DBMS:Oracle SQL Developer, DBVisualizer, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Navigator, emma, DataGuard;
DB clients: Toad, SquirreL;
Frameworks: EclipseLink, ODBC, JDBC, EJB
Spring DAO (JDBC, exception handling)
Spring ORM (Object Relation Mapping, JDO, Hibernate, iBates SQL Maps)
Hibernate: JPA, Apache OpenJPA, DOM, ORM, HQL
Design Pattern: DTO DatenTransferObjekte
Messaging Systems
JMS: Queues, Topics; MQ Series; OpenESB;
SSH Frameworks
Craft/JSch: Datentransfer zwischen Server und Client; J2SSH Maverick
Transaction Processing Monitor
(TP Monitoring)
BEA Tuxedo
OASIS WSS WebServices-Security (certification, policy); Tivoli (TIM, TAM), LDAP, SSL
Authorization concept / access control: Intern LDAP, CIAM: Siteminder ITA
Communication security: Intern SSH, extern HTTPS
Data encryptioning: SHA 2 Hashes, RSA encryptioning
Logging, Validation, Exception Handling
JCL Jakarta Commons Logging, Log4j
Content Management Systems
Systems:AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) 5.6.1, Adobe CQ 5.5 (Day Communiqué)
Lizenz Module: Adobe WEM, Adobe WEM 5.4 Add-Ons, CRX Connectors
Liferay Portal,
Elexier: Firma www.alaun.de
Weblayouter: Firma www.engram.de
Search Engine
Exalead, Exalead Cloudview,
Customer Relationship Management
Amadeus CRM; Telekom CRM-T, EVA CRM (IBM);
Configuration- and Versioning Management
Visual SourceSafe, AllFusion Harvest CM Workbench, PVCS, CVS, PVC, Rational ClearCase, SVN Subversion
Built Management
Built Server: Hudson (continous integration), TFS-Plugin for Hudson;
Build Tool: Apache Maven, Apache Ant;
Container Application Platform
OpenShift, OpenPaaS
Container Management
Rancher; Docker; Kubernetes;
nginx; Docker Swarm
Microsoft Diensteplattform
Internet Information Services (IIS)
Task and Configuration Management
Windows Powershell ISE
SCM Software Configuration- and Versioning Management
Gitblit; Git; Git for Windows; TortoiseGit; SVN Subversion, CVS, PVC, PVCS, Rational ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe, AllFusion Harvest CM Workbench;
Repository Managementt
Nexus Repository Manager OSS; Sonatype Nexus;
Repository Administration
Atlassian Stash;
SCM Software Change Management
Rational ClearQuest;
ETL Tool (Extract, Transform, Load)
IBM Websphere DataStage and QualityStage (Desinger und Director);
Application Lifesycle Management System
MS Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS)
Installation Manager
IBM Installation Manager;
TMS Test Management System: HP Qualitiy Center Enterprise Edition, HP Qualitiy Center (Test Director); TestLink; Mercury Quality Center;
CodeAnalysis: SonarQube;
Test Tools:
    Debugger: Postman
    RESTful: Swagger, Cocoa-Rest-Client;
    SOAP: soapUI, soapUI Pro;
    sonst: TCP/IP Monitor (Eclipse);
Test Programming Languages:
    Testing: FitNesse, Selenium, Silk
    Unit: Junit, TestNG;
    Mocking: Mockito, EasyMock;
Test Types:
RT RegressionsTest, IT Integrationstest, MIT Modul-Integrationstest, LT LastTest, UAT UserAcceptanceTests, Test Automation:
Selenium, eclipse Plugins: 'Test Framework' und 'Automated Tests';
JuvanderBugSynchronizer, EA Connector for QC;
Sun SPARC, Sun Ray, Sun Microsystems sun4u, Sun Microsystems sun4u sparc SUNW, Sun Microsystems Generic_118833-23 sun4u sparc SUNW, sun4u sparc SUNW, IBM 9117-MMA, IBM compatible, microController MC8096, microController ASM96;
AMD Opteron; Intel Pentium Xeon QC, Quad-Core Xeon; IBM Power; Sun SPARC64;
VMware Horizon Client; Oracle VM VirtualBox;
VM Mgt
VMWare Hosts
Oracle VM Virtual Machine;
Distributed File Systems
Data Formate
Network Topologies
Network types: DMZ, Hitnet, Intranet, Internet;
Network Configuration: IP addresses, Ports;
Network Components: Firewalls, Loadbalancers, HAProxy (Loadbalancer), LDAP, Routers, WAP Gateway, Proxy Server, Squid (ProxyServer);
Network Technologies: NAT Network Address Translation;
Netzwork Tools: Putty, WinSCP, Puttygen, vi;
Storage Connection Types
Monitoring/Analytics and Alerting
Grafana; Prometheus; cAdvisor; Node-Exporter; Nagios; SCOM System Center Operations Manager; Nagios; SCOM System Center Operations Manager
Dreamweaver, Homesite, Flash
Case Tools
Umbrella, CAPRI, Putty, Peppes, cURL, Firefox, vi, Proxomitron, Image Magic
Trouble Ticket Tools
ServiceNow; Atlassian JIRA, Jira (Atlassian Confluence), Jira Enterprise Edition, Mantis Bug Tracker, Trac, Win@proach, TTWOS, Champs, Peregrine ServiceCenter-Client;
Private Cloud Messaging
Office Tools / Documentation / Project Management
Lotus Notes, MS Office, MS-Office for Mac: Word, Excel, Powerpoint LaTeX, Project, MS Office Visio Standard/Professional, Thunderbird Mail Client, LibreOffice, docSpace, trackSpace, Wikipedia, Topspot Wikipedia, XDoclet, XMLspy, notepad++;
Michael J. Mutz